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1st Prestige Wealth Management is expanding…

1st Prestige Wealth Management, is an emerging leader in “FinTech” and branding connecting 300 million middle income Chinese consumers to insurance, financial planning, wealth management and related products and services. The Company serves a dual customer base of both B2B and B2C clients. Additionally the Company offers a Business Opportunity for established offices and individual “Brand Affiliates”.

Expansion through acquisition has commenced with the acquisition of EmLink Technology (Beijing), a nationwide provider of a technologically advanced, comprehensive, online back office operations and marketing system for insurance intermediaries.

1st Prestige will release its B2C mobile app in 2015 allowing consumers to buy, sell, manage and research wealth management products and services.
In complement to its Mobile App outreach to consumers, the Company is acquiring offices and licensing affiliate owned “1st Prestige Wealth Management” branded offices. China’s private wealth, currently in excess of $20 trillion is projected to reach $40 trillion by 2018. The Company is placing its emphasis on serving China’s 300 million-person market of middle income and upper middle-income consumers. This population is growing at 15% per year and is projected to total over 600 million by 2025 and 1.5 billion by 2050.

    “With this expansion “Brand Affiliate” opportunities are being offered to established businesses and to individuals.”

    • Established businesses – office owners and individuals, operating as Insurance intermediaries, are invited to become “Brand Affiliates” operating and selling from an affiliate office. 1st Prestige Wealth Management affiliate offices use technology online and offline and branded – marketing innovation to sell insurance, financial planning and wealth management – Direct Investment products and services.
    • Individuals are invited to become “Individual – Brand Affiliates” entering into a training, mentoring and earning program, leading to a career in the highly rewarding consumer driven financial services – wealth management industry.

“Double Bottom Line”

1st Prestige serves to deliver profit and increased share value to its shareholders and to contribute to building a better community with its social “stakeholders”, the people in the communities and nation in which it operates. The Company promotes educating individuals, couples and small business owners in China to do well with their savings and investments, increasing their financial resources to do well to help their family and community. The Company’s support extends to financial education scholarships, funding sustainable model community social entrepreneurship programs and awarding wealth management career internships.