1st Prestige Wealth Management, Inc.
Traded as OTC: FPWM

1st Prestige Wealth Management,,Inc. is expanding, providing diverse “FinTech”, insurance, financial planning and wealth management services and products through online, mobile app channels and through a network of owned and branded affiliate offices. 1st Prestige serves the large and growing middle and upper-middle income population throughout China. The acquisition of EmLink Technology (Beijing) is accommodated through majority ownership by the Company’s Hong Kong entity, which in turn is a 100% subsidiary of 1st Prestige Wealth Management, Inc. (Nevada) a public listed company in the U.S. , OTC: FPWM

Initially the company is expanding through acquisitions of technology and innovation driven financial services companies with 2015 expansion marking the initial acquisitions of independent insurance intermediary enterprises and signing up the same type of business as “Office Brand Affiliate” in a Business Opportunity Program. 1st Prestige is also reaching out similarly to acquire and recruit financial services entities and individuals operating as “Wealth Management” services and “Financial Planning” services.

The company projects current and continuing high growth through its compelling offer of benefits from signing up to become “Office Brand Affiliates”, to join its network and to benefit from its branding, digital operations system, increased offering of products and services and local, national and international expertise and support.

There are no immediate plans for international “Brand Affiliate” expansion outside China but the senior management team and advisory group is experienced in financial services marketing, sales and operations throughout Southeast Asia and with the Overseas Chinese communities around the world, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia. Initial corporate offices and operations are established in China, Hong Kong and the United States.