Business Opportunity – Brand Affiliates

Brand Affiliation with 1st Prestige attracts more customers and provides additional and diverse products and services to sell to each customer while driving increases to revenue, to bottom line profit and to the value of each Brand Affiliate office.

Office – Brand Affiliate Opportunity

Independent insurance intermediaries, office owners and managers join with 1st Prestige in a commitment to support local, regional and national co-branding and co-marketing sustaining and seasonal campaigns.

Affiliates join in a program with 1st Prestige to recruit, train, certify and manage a massive independent, commission compensated outside sales force. Office Brand Affiliate owners and their team – network of Individual Brand Affiliates receive direct and override commissions complemented by performance incentives including high end electronics, jewelry and travel / tour rewards.

Individuals and owners of non-Insurance micro, small and medium sized businesses are offered the opportunity to explore “Brand Affiliation” and discover how it can be financially attractive and how it may offer a professional career – business opportunity.

    Benefits For Office Brand Affiliates

    • Co-branding, establishing a local, regional and national recognized, prestigious image
    • Co-Marketing campaigns driving business – customer leads
    • Proprietary operating system (EmLink), creating operating efficiencies related to Systems,
      Procedures, Management Reports, Accounting – Software – Customer Relations,
      24/7 Concierge Call – Online Center Services, Professional Education,
      Training, Certification of Office Owners – Leaders – Sales Force
    • Technology: continuing, competitive updates, Mobile Apps, online services, lead generation
    • Opportunity for any one affiliate to open multiple offices with this system
    • Opportunity for large scale expansion of outside sales force by any one affiliate

Individual – Brand Affiliate Opportunity

Individual Brand Affiliates are provided the opportunity for a new or improved professional career in financial services advisory, marketing and sales.
An Individual Brand Affiliate can build one’s own growing business by expanding sales and also building a sales team from which one realizes multiple level override commissions.

There is opportunity for high income for those who take this career path and the opportunity additionally exists to own a Office Brand Affiliate enterprise with one or more offices.

    Benefits For Individual Brand Affiliates

    • New or improved Professional Career in Wealth Management
    • Career – income improvement through training – education
    • Opportunity through size and growth of China’s middle income population
    • Leveraged Earnings Through Multiple Level Commission Overrides
    • Build a Business Within a Business – Your Own Team
    • Superior Commissions Incentive Program, Bonus Rewards, Travel
    • Potential for individual to own their own “Office Brand Affiliate”
    • Alignment – support from local, national and international experts