Wealth Management – A Comprehensive, Life Long Service

The 1st Prestige wealth management team members are there for you at each phase or point at which your life changes. Everyone can benefit from guidance and supportive management to establish and adjust their investments so they remain in line with their goals. That means implementing the basics of wealth management, like creating a financial plan and evaluating asset allocation regularly coupled with financial product selection. Through its online presence, consumer mobile app and company owned and affiliate offices, 1st Prestige has set out to lead in providing these services to the public.

Financial Planning

A personal financial plan is used to manage all areas of one’s financial life. A personal financial plan is used as a road map of how best to save, spend and invest to reach short term, intermediate and life long goals. 1st Prestige provides public – user friendly online preliminary financial planning and upgraded, personal planning with trained professional practitioners to guide decisions leading to initial and ongoing investment decisions and allocations.


Products recommended and provided through 1st Prestige include: All lines of insurance, managed funds, financial planning services and wealth management products – direct investments. Wealth Management products are presented in the form of funds, typically formed in cooperation with domain expert sponsors with attractive track records of return on investment. Distinct Funds are being formed using either (China) or international (significantly U.S. – Americas) located assets and operations. Managed stock / equity funds and ETF’S are professionally co-managed with an established financial services enterprise / hedge fund based in Shanghai that has diverse experience and competitive track record investing in and managing proprietary and co-sponsored “Private Equity”, direct investments, alternative investments, Funds, partnerships, ETF’s and individual stocks.

Diverse Investment Products and Services include:

    • All lines of Insurance
    • Co-Managed Accounts with an Established Hedge Fund
    • ETF’s to fit varied investor profiles
    • Real Estate Partnerships, International & Domestic Funds
    • Real Estate – Healthcare & Retirement Related Funds
    • Real Estate – Hotel – Resort Funds
    • Energy – Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy Funds
    • Education – Tech Funds
    • Agriculture, Food & Beverage Funds
    • Entertainment & Media Tech funds
    • Current and developing – innovative Insurance Products
    • Courses for Customers Wealth Management Knowledge